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Malevolence Records Presents - Rage Against Cancer

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Malevolence Records Presents
CD Title : Rage Against Cancer
Item # MR-003-4
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Release Year : 2022
Label : Malevolence Records©

1. Tensor - Desperate Minds Desperate Measures
2. Disagio - Dawnless Sun
3. Weaponized - Only Shot
4. The End A.D. - Unnamed Unloved
5. Truth Decayed - PTSD
6. Eyes Of The Living - Fear Comes Knocking
7. Motor Militia - Al Nakba
8. Witch Hunt - The Inquisitor
9. Atomic Drop - Illest Bishop
10. Eye Licker - Bastardised
11. Anger As Art - Vicious Intent
12. Benefactor Decease - Life's Mortgage
13. Lunacyst - Plague Of Tyrrany
14. Deathead - Last Act Of A Desperate Man
15. ThrasherWolf - A Thousand Eyes
16. Remain Untamed - New World Order
17. Self Disgrace - Never Born
18. Sanity's Rage - AberrationMandatory
19. Edy - Leave A Message (CD only)

All proceeds from this CD are donated to the American Cancer Society - www.cancer.org

Rage Against Cancer compilation CD is dedicated to and in memory of Edy Whipperman Kise. December 24, 1950 - November 19, 2021. Rest in peace.

Malevolence Records thanks the following -
Angie Gabriel, Anger As Art (Los Angeles, California) Anthea McKee and Metal Infection - Gauteng, South Africa, Anthony Sanchez, April Torres, April Van Romer, Atomic Drop (Virginia Beach, Virginia), Benefactor Decease (Greece), Benny Vandemaele and Metal Over Oostrozebeke Festival - Belgium, Bert Kise, Chris Bratten, Christian Florentino, Dale and Natalie Wilhelm, David Devo Oosthuizen, Deathead (Ogden, Utah), Dennis Gonzales, Diane Patterson, Disagio (Italy), Eye Licker (Manchester, England), Eyes Of The Living (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Frank Minnie Jr, Frank Skalsky III, Hani Taqi and Studio 77 - Bahrain, Harry and Viola Whipperman, Helter Brown and the Hard 'n' Heavy Commonwealth - Wichita, Kansas, Isa Fronzoni, Janice De Conti, Jeanne Whipperman Minnie, John and Yanny Gill, Johnny Cardenas, Jose Jimenez, Josh Whipperman, Kay Eichler, Kenny Molly and Black Molly Design - Belgium, Kevin Bingham, Kristal Barnett, Lacie Carl, Laura Santangelo-McLarnon, Lidia Peralta, Lunacyst (Bahrain), Marcus and Angelina Lugo, Maricris Reyes, Matthew House - Auburn, New York, Meryl Sebon, Mike Carr and Cult Esoteric - Apex, North Carolina, Motor Militia (Bahrain), Nani Dotson, Natalie of VHS Death - London, England, Neezy Dynamite of Fox Medicine Noise, Nikki Woodmancy, Paulo Rodrigues, Priya Kanwal, Regina Epting, Remain Untamed (Netherlands), Robyn Brown-Johnson and Wright Promotions - Tucson, Arizona, Ryno Theron and Ryno Theron Music - Durban, South Africa, Sandi Whipperman Teel, Sandra Van Kesteren and Forces Of Steel - Portland, Oregon, Sanity's Rage (Belgium), Shane Griffith, Sherri Stewart of Skitzo, Self Disgrace (Italy), Stefan Sileghem and Metal To Infinity Webzine - Belgium, Steve Contreras of Dr Know, Tensor (Belgium), The End A.D. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), ThrasherWolf (London, England), Tricia Ruff, Truth Decayed (Durban, South Africa), Tyler Satterlee of Blessed Curse, Weaponized (Los Angeles, California), Witch Hunt (Bogota, Colombia), and Zissis Coroner.

℗ + © 2005-2022 Malevolence Records. Anger As Art / Atomic Drop - Powerbomb Records / Benefactor Decease / Deathead - Slaughterhouse Records / Disagio / Eye Licker - Lickerish Records / Eyes Of The Living - Blood Blast Distribution / Lunacyst - Studio 77 / Motor Militia / Remain Untamed - Headbangers Records / Sanity's Rage / Self Disgrace / Tensor / The End A.D. - Fastball Music / ThrasherWolf / Truth Decayed - Howling Rush Records - Devographic Music / Weaponized / Witch Hunt - Rata Mutante Records. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized duplication, replication, production of this video, audio, artwork, content, and or material is prohibited by applicable law(s).

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